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Nothing really ~ 
Ei mitään
^= Nothing ~

Haluis kotiin ~ ooon serkulla.
btw Englannis oli ihanaaa ~
I fell in love with that tree in England
It was pretty ~
Strawberry Avalanche 
Listening to: Vanilla Twilight - Owl City

It was something like +2 degrees in here today <3 which is warm to me. Which means i will be riding a bike tomorrow to school. I hope i will catch up with my friend :)
I'm going to England in two/three days, and I'm excited. Really, really excited. Anyways, continuing Finnish from now on.

Loput papereista Englanninmatkan tietojutuista annetaa mulle huomenna, koska olin viime viikon kipiänä ja poissa~ mutta ope lupas antaa :) sitten tiijetään mihin aikaan minnekki pitää mennä.
Miun piti tänään kirjottaa yksi ficci toinen osa, koska lupasin, mutta en oikeen saa jatkoa tohon yhteen kohtaan. + Mun piti kirjottaa iskälle englanninkielen ohjeeeee D:
+ läksyt pitäs tehä. näh, ne voi tehä myöhemminkin. haluisin nyt enemmänkin piirtää.
Vois itseasiassa piirtää huomiseksi kaverille :D joskus satavuotta sillekki lupasin jotain. Mun pitää lopettaa asioiden lupaileminen.

Eli pitää kirjottaa toi toine osa loppuu, piirtää kaverille, kirjottaa iskälle englannin perusasioita, kirjottaa usuk ficci kaverille, kirjottaa sufin ficci toiselle kaverille ja jutella ruottin kanssa. nytton nii paljo hommaa et huh.
Mut näkemisiin kuitenkin, katotaa jos älyän huomenna päivittää.
Ei sillä että kukaan tätä lukee mutta eniveissii :D

Happoradio & Other Finnish bands 
Okay, so i've been listening to that band for a couple of songs already this night, and to be straight, i like a lot more their old songs than the new ones (probably because i know almost every-freaking-word of the songs).
I like Puhu Äänellä Jonka Kuulen'-, the most, i dunno why. I just like the music and the lyrics.

I've been listening much Finnish music lately, because i've just realized more how unique and beautiful our language is :)
I really, really, suggest people from other countries to listen to our music, and maybe they can see that languages are really special in a way or another.

The lyrics of most of Finnish bands songs remind me of the thing that our country is often called the country of the sad songs. That's mostly because most of our bands and singers make usually sad songs. Surullisten laulujen maa, as we Finns call it. It's quite rare to find some happy songs from the most known and the most liked songs, and that's one of the reason's why we actually are called like that.

The sad songs are probably because we live in a cold, northern country, we are and we were surrounded by huge and powerful countries and our people are depressed because of the cold and long winters. Doesn't mean that we are all sad thought.
And some people from other countries, that are not familiar with the language, might hear some songs of Finnish and think 'What a sad song', because we Finns might have happy lyrics but sad music in the song.

Anyways, I'm stopping writing now, before this will get any longer.
Even though i would have a lot to say about my nation and it's music (and everything else), I'm stopping now, because those baka's are constantly sending me messages through messenger and facebook and Deviantart.

So, bye ^^

Listening to: I've Lost My Mind
Eating: Rice cakes and piirakka :D
Drinking: Mead<3

I just took this nice picture of me sitting on my USA, UK and Aussie flags. :D they're wonderful. My UK flag is about two/three weeks old and USA and Australia's flags came today. I luv them <3
I didn't put the picture here cos it looks horrid.
But you can find it on here. That goes to DeviantArt, so don't worry :)

I'm at the moment pretty bored. I'm in DA, deleting the watches i get and sometimes going to facebook to see if anyone has written something to me.
+ I'm wearing oversized shirt and a tie, my UK flag is beside me with camera and Britannia-fork.
... a.k.a nothing.
Yesterday i broke my phone, and now i got a message to it D:
I'm really wondering what it says. I dropped my phone and the screen got broken,
the phone otherwise works.

Russia on G Major
I'm listening to that :D that is creepy. srsly.